Lamp Spaceship

Ceiling lamp, chandelier, with adjustable suspension height by steel wire. 

Built from folded acrylic sheets: four identical semi-transparent, internal elements covered with one transparent case.

Composed of three separate elements: folded semi-transparent acrylic sheets. 

Elements slipped together, glue and screw-less. 


Material: Acrylic sheet semi-transparent, 8 mm, milky, 4 off, identical

Acrylic sheet transparent, 10 mm

Bulbs: white or yellow LED, 4 off, Bulb-socket: ceramic

Dimensions: Length 100 cm / 38.6 in, width 22 cm / 8.6 in, height 22 cm / 8.6 in

Weight: 4 kg / 8.8 lbs

Photo: Széll Árpád

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