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Apartment Interior, Budapest, Hungary, "Demeter Apartment"

plan proposed
interior 2
interior 1
interior 3
interior 4
interior 5
interior 6
plan existing
previous situation

Office Interior, Budapest, Hungary, Klauzál Square, "Casiopea"

stair detail
railing detail
stair detail
railing detail

Concept for a "boxINabox"

concept box 01
concept box 02
concept box 03
concept box 04
concept box 05
concept box 06
concept box 07
concept box 08
concept box 09

Furniture experiments "Gen. 01 chairs"

chair front
stool 01
chair with cushion
chair detail
chair detail
chairs and stools

See more chairs under "furniture"

Living room area detail, San Diego, California

interior view

Living room and vertical circulation area detail, Seale, Reading, UK

staircase view
staircase view
floor detail

Stair and staircase detail, Csíksomlyó/Sumuleu-Ciuc, Transilvania, Romania

stair detail
staircase detail
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